Instant Ways to Jazz Up Grey & Dreary Rainy Days

The rains are lovely. It’s almost like nature is putting together a symphony of tinkling sounds and rhythmic drum beats for our pleasure. But for some, overcast skies are a bit of a drag. Humidity and lack of sunlight can often leave them feeling dull and gloomy.

However, just because the world outside is grey doesn’t mean your home inside had to be touched by it. Banish the melancholy in a jiffy. A few tweaks here, some small adjustments there and your living spaces will end up smiling anew. Because why would you want to allow the rains to dampen (pun intended!) your spirits, right?


Light it up, Light it up!

When the indoors get dreary, flip the switches and let the lights flood the room. But our standard light fixtures are hardly in the running for the best decor piece of the year and you need more than that LED bulb to make you feel better.

Consider accent lights placed strategically around the room. Candlesvotives, and hurricanes look especially fetching, especially when paired with plants and flowers (real or otherwise). Cove lights are also great mood uplifters and, when used well, they can create a warm and inviting ambiance. 

Pay special attention to the corners of your rooms. Dark corners tend to make a space dismal, affecting the positive vibes of a room, along with its aesthetic appeal. Floor lamps can banish the gloom while providing peripheral illumination as well. If you don’t want to take up space on the floor, hang a string of fairy lights. That really turns up the magic by several notches.


Excite your Senses

When the grayness pulls you down, visual stimulus alone may not be enough to save you. You will need refreshing fragrances to make you feel better. Nope, not room fresheners; we’re thinking something far more romantic. Aromatic candles, floating candles, even traditional agarbattis do wonders to uplift your mood. And if you love essential oils, they could be your best friend during monsoons. Fragrances like peppermint, lavender, and tea tree oil are especially effective. Just a few drops in a diffuser and they’ll chase out the damp and musty smell, leaving behind heady, cheerful goodness. 

Sounds also play an important role in helping you beat the blues. While the obvious choice would be instrumental music (our favorites are jazz and piano), we’d also recommend getting a wind chime. There’s just something about its delicate music that really soothes the soul as the notes gracefully waltz into every corner of the room, and drive out the gloom. 

Color Me Bright

Color is the key to happiness. Well, if not something as philosophical and exalted as that, it sure does put you in a merry mood while giving your living space that much needed festive air. And, if you’ve got imagination, there are virtually endless ways in which you could add color to your room. Dramatic artwork, brightly printed drapes, vivid rugs, and carpets, arresting Objets d’Art, vibrant cushion covers and throws … like we said, the options are many and you’re only held back by what you can dream up in your head. 

For some finishing touches, bring in exotic faux flowers, arrange them in a beautiful vase. Pepper the room with some interesting sculptures and curios. Now, it’s time to pour yourself some hot cocoa in a bright and beautiful mug, and sit back and enjoy the effect! The weather outside doesn’t feel so unwelcome now, does it?