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Lantern Candle Holders

Charming Interiors with Hanging Lanterns

Well put together homes are a matter of great pride and joy to those who have been able to create such lovely spaces for themselves and their near and dear ones. And in addition to essential items of furniture, hanging home décor items are essential to this aesthetic, making decorative lanterns a must-have for the charm of a classy home. When picking out hanging candle lanterns for your home, keep the Décor theme or the color combination in mind so that while these hanging candle holders add character to the pace, they do not stick out like a sore thumb. 

Sometimes the uniqueness of a lantern candle holder becomes the center of attraction, drawing everyone’s eyes towards them, and we confess that it happens many times with our exquisite collection of outdoor lanterns like steel and glass lanterns. This outdoor candle lantern takes its inspiration from the town of Caen which lies on the serene coast of Morocco. In the shape of an octahedron, its edges are formed by luxe gold or silver plated steel which holds the crystal clear glass panels together, making it a perfect outside lantern. Place your best pillar candles or even Votives in these handsome Moroccan lanterns and let the charm of the scene wash over you. 

Candle Lanterns for Peaceful and Calm Homes

We are here, always well prepared to serve you with an unmatched collection of all kinds of lanterns, from indoor candle lanterns to outdoor hanging lanterns and garden lanterns to add glamour to any part of your beautiful home. For indoor use, we recommend hanging Candle Holders that are made of hand-blown glass bowls and held up by delicate metal cast handles. These glass collection of decorative  lanterns come in two color options purple or amber cut glass which sports a prismatic geometric pattern and the surface with an angular dimpled texture. 

Another example is our enticing hanging candle holders. Its simplistic charm lies in the clean lines and luxe metal finish completely different in that its body is in the shape of a cylinder which accentuates its glass and metal and its handle of braided leather. Both these lanterns can be placed on table tops as indoor lanterns. They can also grace your window frames or balconies as patio lanterns

Decorative Lanterns Make for Delightful Spaces

Gold lanterns and silver lanterns can be very classy if chosen by their style and design. You could get ornate hanging lanterns to emulate a victorian chandelier-clad ceiling. The other, and more on-trend, design sensibility is when you take the classic opulence of gold and silver and allow it to take on modern forms and finishes with as little ornamentation as possible so that the lantern candle holder remains a subtle medium to transport the elegance of the Candle itself. 

The stunning trapezoidal form of these lustrous metal indoor candle lanterns is polished to a glass-like reflective sheen on the outside while its inside walls hold mirrors reflecting the glass hurricane that stands proud within. This Moroccan-inspired decorative lantern is a unique take on traditional hanging candle holders with a smart modern twist. And what a lovely twist it is.

This doesn’t mean that we are completely dismissing the traditional pumpkin shape lanterns. However, we’ve taken that traditional form and made it more luxurious as you can see with glass indoor lanterns. These stunning renditions of traditional paper strip hanging lanterns have highly polished strips of gold or silver metal forming the cage around a brilliant glass case where you can place your pillar candles or votives. Matching gold or silver leather handles make these hanging candle lanterns simply irresistible. 

Add Glitz to Your Garden With Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

Candles look great anytime and anywhere, but keeping them in mint condition is definitely a task, especially the ones that are placed outdoors. Since hanging indoor lanterns are mostly open and allow drafts to touch the flame, you need specially designed outdoor hanging lanterns that protect your candles and keep them from going out. 

Our metal and glass lanterns are made to last for your garden parties and can even be brought indoors to grace your reading nooks or even your table tops. A contemporary take on the classic Moroccan lanterns, the slim metal frames hold glass panes together and create this simple design that renders this outdoor lantern almost invisible. The lustrous shine of the metal framework and handle is second to none and will always remain your favorite lantern candle holder.

Long story short, Address Home is the place to come when you’re looking for everything from simple lanterns to decorative lanterns. The variety is heartening, the designs stunning, and our aesthetics unparalleled. Why would you consider going anywhere else at all. 

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