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Luxury Wall Mirrors

Accent Wall Mirrors for Awesome Statement Walls 

In any home, walls are the most visually obvious structure and, thus, need special treatment. Decorative wall mirrors work perfectly well when it comes to enhancing the beauty of your walls. You can, of course, have many different styles of luxury wall mirrors to do up your home walls. A classic framed living room wall mirror is a fail-safe option for an instant facelift, or you can go all out and dress an entire wall with floor-to-ceiling large wall mirrors for the living room

However, if you are looking to accentuate special portions of your walls, you must try out some of our bathroom wall mirrors. We urge you to take a look at our decorative round wall mirror, which is an example of stunning artwork featuring a rippled surface of reflective glass. This stunning accent wall mirror is designed to add dimensions hitherto unthought of in any room. This large wall mirror is eighty centimeters in diameter and projects about six centimeters off the back wall. The entire mirror is made of vertical and flat mirror strips that join along the edges, giving this mirror sharp ripples. Needless to say, this living room wall mirror is a collector’s delight.

High-end Home Interiors with Living Room Wall Mirrors

Every home has passageways that tend to be fairly narrow. If left neglected without any beautiful living room wall mirror or Wall Art, you run the risk of turning these small but vital spaces into dreary alleyways. Now, as you all know, decorative wall mirrors are a great way to create an illusion of space, making them the perfect decor choice for corridors or similar alcoves in your home. If the corridor is not too long and opens out quickly into open areas, you can go for a medium-sized accent wall mirror. In the case of longer passages that run the entire length of a room, a large wall mirror can be installed for a radical transformation of the space. 

We are especially proud of our decorative wall mirror. What looks like an essentially simple rectangular piece of looking glass is made special by its high lustre gold-edged frame and the large round at the top of the frame. Stretching to almost four feet from left to right, and a little over two feet in height, this magnificent luxury wall mirror sure makes its owner glow with pride.

Decorative Wall Mirrors for Superior Stylistic Interior Design

Mirrors have come a long way from the times when they could only be afforded by royalty or nobility. In today’s age of modern innovations in production and heightened design consciousness, artisans are able to create beautiful large wall mirror for living rooms and other spaces inside and around our homes. These modern bathroom wall mirrors are elaborately styled and finished to superb perfection, turning them almost into works of art rather than functional pieces of looking glass. 

Our luxury wall mirror is a simply stunning pentagon with unequal sides and converging edges, giving people the illusion that it’s slanting inward. Place this luxury wall mirror by itself on any wall to make a statement. 

Another brilliant concept among bathroom wall mirrors is the eclectic wall mirror resembles a thick slice of a tree stump with its distressed border in dull matte metal with a highly reflective mirror in the center. You can go for gold or silver and use it singly as an accent wall mirror or place the two color options in your water closet for a his-and-hers styled decor for bathroom wall mirrors.

Large Wall Mirrors to Brighten your Welcome

It is said that the entrance of your home should be welcoming in every way possible. A large wall mirror can do wonders to uplift your mood. A beautiful contemporary wall mirror will transfix the onlooker and raise their spirits in aid of the fun time you intend to spend in your home. For this purpose, we would like to draw your attention to the Brook Brown Mirror Glass wall decor. This brilliantly designed entryway wall mirror features irregularly shaped reflective glass clinging to each other with gaps in someplace and flush in others. It creates a magical feeling of a cobble-stoned street being reflected on the wall. 

There is no dearth of accent wall mirrors and other large wall mirrors for living rooms in our collection. Just log on to our website and browse through our catalog. From contemporary to minimalistic to flamboyant, we’ve placed a range of decorative wall mirrors at your disposal. Select your favorite - something that is in line with your Home Decor - and bring it home. We guarantee that you will never look at your living space the same way again. 

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