Designer Round PlatterLuxury Round Platter
Sold out

Naqashi Round Platter

₹ 6,490.00
Soup Bowl

Naqashi Soup Bowl

₹ 1,490.00
Mersin Soup BowlMersin Soup Bowl

Mersin Soup Bowl

₹ 1,490.00
Nur Porcelain Dinner PlateNur Porcelain Dinner Plate
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Nur Porcelain Soup BowlNur Porcelain Soup Bowl
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Designer Dinner PlateLuxury Dinner Plate

Aurum Dinner Plate

₹ 2,390.00
Aurum Soup BowlAurum Soup Bowl

Aurum Soup Bowl

₹ 1,490.00
Aurum Quarter PlateAurum Quarter Plate
Sold out

Aurum Quarter Plate

₹ 1,990.00
Aurum Medium Bowl
Sold out

Aurum Medium Bowl

₹ 4,190.00
Luxury Round PlatterAurum Round Platter
Sold out

Aurum Round Platter

₹ 6,490.00


Elegant Dinnerware for the Perfect Dining Experience

Fine china dinnerware, as well as porcelain dinnerware, are classic must-haves in any crockery cabinet and Address Home is your one-stop destination for all kinds of elegant dinnerware collection. We offer a wide range of traditional and modern dinnerware that is suitable for a wide range of occasions. Whether you are hosting fine dinners or laid-back get-togethers, our range of luxury dinnerware is sure to meet your approval. Our contemporary dinnerware sets are comprised of all the essential pieces required for a proper spread, making them the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor dinnerware.

Make Your Brunches Special with our Luxury Dinnerware

Brunches are lavish affairs that can extend for hours. Make the most of it by bringing out your lovely porcelain dinnerware chargers and platters and displaying your food in style. Dainty appetizers can be made even more delectable when presented on a platter from the unique dinnerware set you chose with such care. Pass around those delicate quarter plates from your favorite fine china dinnerware set. Display your salad spreads in those handsome serving bowls from your porcelain dinnerware set. You are sure to feel so proud when you see your family and your guests gushing over your favorite contemporary dinnerware sets as they continue to be courted by an array of beautifully designed tableware.

A Wide Range of Designer Dinnerware to Choose From

We at Address Home are known for our wide range of luxury dinnerware collection for you to choose from. In the event of a formal gathering of important people, explore our set of fine china dinnerware which usually comes in beautiful muted tones of beige and golden against a background of white. Our unique dinnerware sets come complete with dinner plates, quarter plates, large oval and round serving platters, table chargers, portion bowls, and a medium-sized bowl for curry and such. The entire designer dinnerware sets are designed so that each piece complements the other piece in the set and can also be a perfect accompaniment to any other contemporary dinnerware set you may choose to set out together.

Regal Gold and Platinum for Modern Dinnerware

Your dinners can transverse beyond special with our range of rich gold and platinum-plated porcelain dinnerware. For those of you who love the subtle elegance brought on by the classic gold or silver, we have beautiful sets to choose from. If you enjoy modern dinnerware, our Aurum dinner set is just the thing for you. This dinner set is a celebration of the golden era of Persian art. The motifs in this design are a modern twist on classic art styles inspired by the architecture of an Iranian mosque which is particularly known for being commissioned by the Persian queen Gohar Shad. Every plate and bowl in this set of elegant dinnerware has a 24-carat gold and platinum decal.

But wait, did you say you were looking for something floral yet sophisticated? Well then take a look at the Cinar Porcelain Dinner set. This porcelain dinnerware set is just the right fit for that breezy yet awe-inspiring ambience around the dinner spread. Taking inspiration from the Italian palaces of the Chigi princes, these designs seamlessly bring together the glorious styles of the 16th century and modern 21st-century jazz to create what is our unique dinnerware collection. This set has high-quality enamel work and 24-carat gold plating. It simply cannot get any more luxurious than this ladies!

And if you are looking for a break from gold altogether, how about the most precious of all metals - platinum? Yes, we have just such a contemporary dinnerware set for you. The Merville Platinum Accent Dinner set is absolutely breathtaking. Precious platinum of the highest food-grade quality is inlaid into this porcelain dinnerware in beautiful and intricate lace-like patterns. The subtle sprinkling of 24-carat gold and platinum decal is quite striking against a white background and simply takes your breath away. Add a touch of modern elegance to your table with our new range of colorful designer dinnerware sets.

Brighter Colours for Outdoor Dinnerware

Our Mersin Gold lined dinner set is an example of luxury dinnerware that is colorfully modern and great as outdoor dinnerware. The pieces exhibit an intricate pattern inspired by the carvings found in Turkish palaces. The gold plating on this porcelain dinnerware is 22-carat gold. The colors continue the Turkish-Persian theme with an intermingling of gold and silver patterns with a very pleasant shade of turquoise blue. 

For those of you who are drawn to more decadent color density, you will definitely fall in love with our Miran White Green and Gold Dinner set. This unique dinnerware set is inspired by Persian art and colors. Each piece proudly exhibits wide borders of rich intricate leafy patterns in gold and rich resplendent green. combinations like marsala with gold and white. The interlacing floral patterns are in pistachio green and earthy browns and peaches set in a border of marsala pink and resemble Mughal era motifs. If you haven’t already fallen in love with our elegant dinnerware designs, you are about to.

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