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Luxury Bookends

Stylish Living Brought On By Modern Bookends

Rows upon rows of books can add serious weight to your style quotient, and when you add handsome bookends to the picture, you’ll see how polished the final look is. Contemporary bookends can really help transform an otherwise regular-looking lineup of books. Not only do unique bookends add glamour to your study, they also help organize your collection. Imagine how lovely it would be, not to mention convenient, to have a small group of books, supported by one of our classy book stoppers, standing proud and erect without the lopsided sloppy look of falling volumes. 

All book lovers have their favorite genres of topics or authors, and they also have a distinct style in how they’d like to decorate their reading nooks. At Address Home, you will find the best bookends in terms of quality as well as aesthetics all at a click of a button. The styles you will find on our website are exhaustive as they are designed to appeal to every unique choice. Our office designer bookends are absolute showstoppers, being designed with high lustre materials like tinted and beveled glass and crystal as well as rugged and rustic-looking stone and antique metal cast figurines mounted on solid bases. 

Premium Book Stopper for Lovers of Quirk

If you are someone who loves collecting books and are always looking for unique bookends to go with your latest set, you have come to just the place. If you keep acquiring volumes just because you love the class they bring to your home and garden, arrange them together with classy book stoppers. Add layers of mystery to books by getting hold of decorative bookends that are exotic in themselves. Have a continuously expanding to-be-read list? No matter. We have some super quirky bookends online to keep your volumes in perfect shape till you are ready for a good sit-down and read session. 

Once you pick up a few luxury bookends from our collection, you will be left itching to show off and your newest volumes at the next party you throw. You would also want to add quite a number of books to many other areas of the house like Coffee Tables, Side Tables and Console Tables if you are equipped with the perfect collections of modern bookends. That way you can arrange all kinds of books in different and interesting ways. The volumes may be hardbound tomes or paperbacks, just stand them between marble contemporary bookends and you’ve got a lovely sight that will gladden your heart. 

Add Character to a Book Shelf with Decorative Bookends

Are you among those who love to read books, but are equally mindful of style? You can take your pick from a wide array of luxury bookends that are designed keeping in mind literary pride. We have picked up forms like the noble chess chessmen, the alphabet, and also knots and crosses symbolizing the classic game of tic-tac-toe. 

The chessmen is a beautiful set of designer bookends, literary in its meaning as well as sculpture-like in form, made from Egyptian alabaster stone in matte dull grey with naturally occurring veins. These stunning office bookends will take charge of your study before you have turned around. 

As Art déco is a style that is making a huge comeback on the interior design scene, we have some fabulous modern bookends that are also classic in that they are inspired by Native American tribal materials and lifestyle. These contemporary bookends are presented in mosaic patterns and are mounted on solid marble bases, making them sturdy enough to take on the weight of your heavily leaning tomes as well. 

Unique Bookends to Display with Pride

We know how every item in your home is your pride and joy. So we're not held back even in the department of designer bookends. Every single pair of designer bookends is crafted using the highest quality material not only in its durability but in its premium look and feel as well. We have some stunning sets of decorative bookends that are fashioned from high luster crystals mounted in a pile on smoked or tinted glass bases in the classic L shape. 

Animals are by far the most favorite theme among office bookends. We have taken this loved trend much further by incorporating busts of antelopes and antlers, finished in a high gloss metallic coating that makes the whole piece gleam. We especially love the set of unique bookends where you see the noble equine face and head of a horse. These fabulous bookends are made of dense resin and finished to a flawless smoothness that gives them a marble-like look. They really add a layer of intrigue to your living room, study or home office. 

If you’re a book lover, getting decorative bookends is a no-brainer. And perhaps an equally easy decision is picking them up from Address Home because we’ve got a catalog that’s simply incomparable. So browse through our collection, pick the bookends you love and have them sent over to you. It’s as easy as that to upgrade your decor! 

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