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Table Coasters to Grace the Tables of the Elite

Yo most discerning audience would be forced to part with a compliment or two. Every décor item in your house has been selected with care and you have mastered the art of hosting perfect evenings and gorgeous galas. You have the rules and requirements of being a perfect host at your fingertips, along with all the necessary dinnerware, serveware, glassware, and flatware. But is there something you’ve forgotten? Have you got the essential, but oft-overlooked necessity of every get-together - drink coasters? These are absolutely essential to your collection of crockery, cutlery, glassware, cups, and mugs for your guests and family. But instead of picking up just any random coaster, go in for something that oozes class and can take its place right next to the other glittering ware you’ve decorated the table with.   

Table coasters are a vital element of any household that lives with élan. It is, therefore, imperative that you absolutely do not hold back when shopping for coffee coasters because you will need plenty of these everywhere. From the porch and the living room to the study table and your media center, coasters should be within reach wherever your friends and family gather. But instead of having the same coffee or beer coasters all over your house and succumbing to a look of monotony, opt for a happy variety. Mix and match from a wide range of sophisticated as well as eclectic styles of leather coasters for the desired effect of class with intrigue.

Modern Coasters Round Up Your Party Accessories

Gone are the times when we only needed a coaster to use under glasses that held cold drinks or even simple ice and water on a hot, hot day. Function, more than style, was the foremost reason why people used resin coasters. Also, you were more likely to see coasters being used in public places of revelry like pubs, bars, restaurants, or banquet halls. Those were the old, yet simple, times when using a set of unique coasters at home was considered snobbish. But that’s not the case anymore. 

Furniture has undergone a radical shift in the way it is perceived. Earlier, driven by purely a utilitarian philosophy, practical, essential, and easy to maintain were the main considerations when selecting furniture. Now, home décor enjoys a more exalted status and is even considered essential for the well-being of the human mind. And as furniture became precious, we started needing table coasters. Now, would any of us dare to put down our cups of coffee or mugs of chilled beer on the table, unless there were drink coasters at hand? Probably not!

High-end Affairs Deserve Rich Leather Coasters

There is no end to the multitude of materials and styles of drink and coffee coasters one can find in online stores, brick-and-mortar shops, craft emporiums, and pop-ups in every corner of the world. So how do you select the ones that are unique and stand out from that crowd? 

At Address Home, we have the most iconic luxury décor items that are designed by the very best teams of visualizers in the interior dècor and design industry. These unique coasters are intended to be used as beer coasters as well as table coasters. The designs and colors on each and every collection of coasters are inspired by art and architecture spanning historical palaces and monuments from around the globe. We have coasters that are fashioned from faux leather of the highest quality and designed to be the perfect accompaniment for any of your splendid tableware and décor items. 

Contemporary Chic Drink Coasters for the Perfect Evening Do

Give your elegant tabletops a high-end touch with our delightful coffee coasters. Get off the beaten path and splurge on some exquisite leather coasters. For example, check out our range of Lex Gold and  Champagne and Lex Pewter and Grey table coasters. These flaunt an intrecciato motif of weaves which are hand woven to recreate the traditional craft of basket weaving. The weave comes from a Greek inspiration and creates a beautiful interplay of shadow and light in the matt effect of the leather and the gloss imparted by the pewter. This set of square coasters is suitable for a formal environment like an office or even the high-tech ambiance of your media room. 

For more polished and high gloss enhancement to your serveware, another brilliant material for a set of modern coasters is resin, or even horn, for that matter. These materials are easily incorporated onto premium bases like MDF and are finished to achieve a superior glossy look. The resin coasters are a splendid example of this unique technique. These are perfect for a home which is clearly resonating with belonging to well-traveled people. Inspired by the rustic element of the mountains of Arizona, the fabricated horn texture on these unique coasters will bring the wild west straight to your heart. 

With so many options before you, pick wisely and pick well. And bring home a set of resin coasters (or more, if you wish) that will add to the glamor of your dining events. Happy hunting!


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