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Gold Truro Iron Clock

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Lazurite Agate Clock

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Wooden Dial Wall Clock

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Luxury Wall Clocks

Transform Your Home Interiors with Large Wall Clocks

Timepieces of all shapes and sizes have fascinated mankind since the dawn of time. We began with sundials, large ones that covered entire parks and small ones on a pedestal in the garden. We all love the hourglasses as well. The sand slipping down the slender neck from one end to the other is absolutely mesmerizing. But our love for large decorative wall clocks trumps it all. The sweep of the second hand on a beautiful wall clock can transfix you for minutes on end. There’s no denying it - unique wall clocks and carefully crafted vintage wall clocks can be a beautiful addition to any space, bringing in that hint of grandeur associated with high-class living. 

We, at Address Home, completely understand the impact a unique wall clock has on the overall ambiance of a beautiful home and to that end, we have brought to you a collection of out-of-this-world decorative wall clocks for living rooms. From opulent to subtle and everything else in between, we’ve got something that will appeal to everyone’s heart.

Victorian Wall Clocks for High-end Home Interiors

The stylish wall clock is a great way to uplift an empty wall space. You could place large wall clocks in your living room or home office and beautifully carved decorative wall clocks in the dining room. Bedroom wall clocks usually tend to be minimalistic in nature, but even unique wall clocks can bring a touch of flair to your space. Regardless of the interior decor theme, you’ve got for your home, we’re confident that our living room wall clocks will fit right in and make a great impression on friends and family. 

We, at Address Home, have taken the styling of living room wall clocks a few notches higher and in the process have borrowed primarily from the Victorian vintage look of stylish wall clock that was first made popular by Swiss and European watchmakers back in the day. So if you take a look at our collection of luxury wall clocks, you will notice a pattern in the design and detailing of the clock faces. Antique finishes and large Roman numerals that are common with large vintage wall clocks are our favorites. Long story short, if you’re looking to buy designer wall clocks online in India, Address Home is the place to come to.

Decorative Wall Clocks for Living Room Enhance Your Space

Decorative wall clocks for living room or the foyer areas of your house need to be exclusive in their design and look so that they’re able to do justice to your home and your personal sense of style. And in this regard, the magnificence of Roman numerals on bedroom wall clocks is simply indubitable. Hence we have had a lot of fun playing around with various ways to portray them along with the other details for the faces of our large and beautiful wall clocks for your dens and lounges. 

Take a look at the Leeds silver and black iron and wood wall clock which is a fine example of our living room wall clocks. At over fifty centimeters across, this is a large wall clock and can be a superb addition to especially spacious areas of your house. With a body of wood, the roman numerals are etched into iron and encircle a mirrored central disk that features the time movement gears and classic jet-black minute and hour hands. The black and antique silver color combination on this large decorative wall clock makes for perfectly coordinated Wall Decor to add to almost any possible interior Decor theme you may have in your home. Set this handsome living room wall clock up in time for a casual gathering and get ready to lap up the admiration.

A Large Collection of Contemporary Wall Clocks for Modern Homes

You may be wondering how you can keep your home interior decor on trend and fresh when you are looking for designer wall clocks online in India. The answer is quite simple really. Just visit the Address Home website and browse through a comprehensive range of stunning designs of decorative wall clocks for living room and bedrooms. But that’s not it. We have some stunning bathroom wall clocks as well. 

Our large vintage wall clocks are versatile and can be used in a variety of different settings. Take for example the Liverpool and Kingston luxury wall clocks. These are two very handsome vintage wall clocks that are very Victorian in their look. While Liverpool is fairly big at about sixty centimeters across, Kingston is even larger at over eighty centimeters wide. These both beautiful and large stylish wall clocks are designed to add layers to characters to your home. And do not hesitate to shop online, as we are one of the most respected stores for bedroom wall clocks.

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