Dining Table Runners

Elegant Table Runners Add Panache To Any Lovely Do

Almost every elegant and charming get-together has at its very centre a lovely table setting. And for this reason, we believe that exquisite table linens are positively vital to pull off that five-star ambience. And if you really want to up the notch on the glamour, simply add a couple of fancy table runners to the mix and you’re on your way to gathering the fanciest compliments for your thoughtful organisation and expert hosting capabilities. Make no mistake, a seven-star status is what you will be rewarded with, by friends and family alike, and we can say with certainty that you’ve earned it.

Only the Perfect Way of Using Decorative Table Runners

While a humble table runner may seem to be just a strip of tapestry which is barely a foot wide, it goes a long way in giving your lunch and dinner affairs a touch of old-world glory. However, it can look out of place if not laid out with the proper way. But that’s one mistake you won’t have to live with. You could easily look up various ways of using beautiful table runners for maximum effect in the way of elegance. 

But one can get easily confused with so many opinions out there. So we here at Address Home are sharing with you all the expertise we’ve gathered in the many years spent in home decoration and styling. Here are a few of the easiest tips to keep in mind when planning out your table setting with pretty table runners. So simply scroll through all our offerings of dining table runners online and follow our suggestions based on the style of designer table runners you select for creating that very perfect table setting. 

Unique Leather Table Runners To Go Long and Along

The length of a perfect dining room table runner is always in proportion to the table it is being prepped to adorn. When choosing the runner from your table linen closet, just remember these things. The length of the runner should be twelve inches or a foot longer than the total length of the table. This is because a decorative table runner is meant to literally “run” down the length and a little off the two ends of the table top. The ideal hanging length is as close as possible to six inches or half a foot off each end. This length is considered ideal for a beautiful table runner to recreate the perfect cascading look. Such table settings look great with a table cloth or without one. 

A wedding table runner can be used directly on top of a beautiful table top to show off the lustre of a brand new table you may have acquired for this special occasion. However, in case you do want to play with layers of table linen, it is perfectly acceptable and unmistakably luxurious to use a tablecloth as a base or a canvas on which you can lay your unique table runner to create a rich look of opulent contrast. 

One important thing to remember though is that you should never allow your fancy table runner to hang lower than the edges of your table cloth. 

Designer Table Runners For Connecting Across The Table

There is more than one way of laying down your decorative table runners. The most commonly applied technique is the style mentioned above which is the standard layout of long and along the length of the table. However, as is the case with any creative and decorative process, we always come to your rescue when it comes to creative ways to employ dining room table runners. This is how you can create a rustic and intriguing mood for your guests as they sit across from one another and feel a connection with the person they are sitting opposite to. 

The formula for this sort of harmless match matching is simply the clever use of shorter table runners laid across the width of the table. This setting requires your pretty table runners to be twelve inches or a foot longer than the width of your table because we do need to maintain the same rule of six inches of fabric hanging down on each side. Do ensure that the width remains between ten to fifteen inches at the most. Place your runners across the width of the table connecting the two place settings which are opposite each other across the table. This creates beautiful channels of elegant communication down the length of the table while breaking the monotony of a long table when seating many guests simultaneously. You may use the same designer table runners or mix and match the colours and textures as you fancy. Cross two elegant table runners over the centre of a round table and watch your space transform into a work of art. 

Be it any theme or reason for your table setting, with our wide range of superb table runners online for you to choose from, you will be perfectly matched to the style you choose to go with. 

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