It’s Time to ‘Fall’ in Love: Autumn Decor Ideas For One & All

Fall can be a tricky season when it comes to home décor. Incorporating fall colors and accents without making the décor look kitschy is not everyone’s cup of tea. But don’t worry; we’ve got the most renowned interior designers doling out advice for you. Start taking notes, everyone.

 Dress Up the Mantle with Foliage

A mantle is the best place to show off the spirit of the season. So bring in a small burst of fall colors with seasonal foliage. Go crazy with lighted branches, vintage candlesticks, floral arrangements in warm colors. You can also consider an autumn-themed garland of dried leaves to give a rustic, cozy touch to your room. Low Centerpieces Steal the Show

An elegant centerpiece that has a mix of herbs or flowers will look really great on your coffee table or dining table. You can further enhance the look by mixing old and new. Weave a theme of textures using acorns to add a touch of nature and chic silverware for a modern take.

 A Dose of Orange Velvet Accents

Want to cozy up your home? Nothing adds warmth to a space like velvet. To up the fall quotient, go for an orange velvet accent like a curved sofa or a throw pillow. The russet orange connotes comfort, warmth, and welcome, and the velvet adds a luxurious feel to the décor. You can also complement the use of fall hues and rich textures with wooden tones to complete the look.

  Luxe’ Up with Faux Fur Throws

As the design world moves on from cold contemporary to cozy opulence, our in-house designers recommend using faux fur for its luxurious yet inviting nature. Use it to drape the back of your sofa or throw pillows to add elegance and class to your room. To complete the look, add a rustic centerpiece of fall-colored flowers and foliage.

 Be the Maximalist Chic

Can’t wait to go all out this fall? Lucky for you the chic maximalist look never went out of style. So how about an autumn-themed table set-up? Go in for lush colored tablecloths, crystal candleholders, eclectic centerpieces, vibrant blooms, strewn about metallic ornaments, and subtle golden flatware. Now that makes for a visual feast.

 The fall season is coveted for being a total sensorial feast. The aroma of fresh-baked goodies emanating from the oven, the feel of furry throws under your feet, crackling fires below the mantelpiece, and the rustling of the golden leaves in the garden are few of the things that inspired our fall décor ideas this year. So, go ahead, spruce up your house with these seasonal décor ideas because fall is the season to experiment with rich hues, rustic textures, and wooden accents.

Image courtesy: Pinterest; House beautiful; Woodswarner; Kindesign; Addresshome