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Volsk 5 Arm Candelabra

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Luxury Candelabra

Superlative Elegance with a Crystal Candelabra

Anyone who likes all things classy will always talk about how the ambiance of a home is what makes that space alluring, and thus welcoming, to the residents themselves and visitors alike. While beautiful furniture and attractive interior decoration are not to be ignored, just as important are the smaller Décor items like Vases, centerpieces, and a luxury candelabra or two. 

Though we are living in the 21st century with all the amenities that modern life can afford us, candles and candelabras continue to hold an important place in interior decoration. In fact, candlelight is the go-to choice for almost all of us when we’re looking to create a soothing or romantic ambiance. And that’s probably why a candelabra or Candle Holder is a classic ornament that you’ll find in every home.          

But why pick something off the shelf when you can buy candelabra sets that can push your style quotient way high? We’re talking especially about the kind of candelabras that are designed to suit modern interiors and, yet, are clearly the classical branching candle tree that makes candelabra centerpieces different from other styles of candle holders. 

At Address Home, we understand that and always make sure that there are plenty of designs for those who are looking for neo-classical candle décor. Take a look at our three-arm metal candelabras. This is a beautiful piece of art made of lustrous nickel-finished metal with clear acrylic sections on the main stand. The whole piece is angular with an inverted curve supporting the arms, making this a candelabra with an old-world charm.

Candelabra Centerpieces for Unforgettable Celebrations

When one thinks of parties and celebrations, it’s the glamour and glitz that is very important to create just the right mood for one and all. The best of your sparkly Décor Objects are brought out for large format gatherings like weddings and galas. For such occasions, we make sure our ceilings are adorned with stunning chandeliers and, with a gold candelabra standing tall and proud as a centerpiece on your dining table, it almost feels as if the chandelier has alighted on the table. 

As a wedding candelabra that is adorned with prismatic dangling crystals and a lustrous gold finish on its center stand and arms, our set of gold and white five-arm crystal candelabra is a sight to behold. A classic design, this piece takes its inspiration from the royal candle trees that used to grace the chambers of the aristocracy of Versailles, France. The crystal accents on this wedding crystal candelabra present a stunning contrast to the golden and brassy stems that are held aloft on a soft white base.

Another show-stopping piece in our collection is our luxury three-arm gold crystal and metal candelabra. This is a classic brass candelabra that takes its cue from the ornamentation found in the Hampton court palace from the Victorian days of royalty. This luxury candelabra sports a supremely lustrous brass finish and brilliantly cut crystals set delicately beneath each candle holder.

Candelabra Candle Holder Spark Delightful Conversations

As we sit around our dining tables on calm evenings, enjoying a lavish meal and a full-bodied red wine, it is the nature of the table setting that lends character to the mood of the occasion. It is natural that the eye follows the lines and curves of everything on the table, from the Dinnerware, Table Runners, and centerpieces or a cluster of pillar candles and a tall glass candelabra that casts a regal look at all its guests. 

The addition of a modern brass candelabra to your table setting adds layers of charisma to your spread. You can choose a classic silver candelabra for semi-formal dining parties, or go for an opulent gold candelabra for those types of events that ask for a higher degree of richness. Or you go for a completely different take on crystal candelabras by opting for a contemporary styled piece like our glass and crystal modern candelabra candle holder. This signature piece from Address Home flaunts a stunning union of glass and metal. The three arms on this candle tree are joined by the sweeping arches of silver-plated metal, while the main center stand is a high-quality glass pipe that is filled with shimmering crystals. This candelabra candle holder is so beautiful that you can use it to hold up your Candles or simply just as a piece of décor art. 

A Glass Candelabra Makes All The Difference

If you love your candelabras, you are among the elite few who have an eye for things most luxurious. For connoisseurs like yourself, we, at Address Home, have pulled out all stops to help you put together the most wonderful selection of brass candelabra candle holder you can hope to find anywhere. With our wide range of designs, styles, materials, and finishes, you will find it fairly easy to buy candelabras by simply browsing through our range online. 

As you wander around our virtual shop, you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you choose a classic gold candelabra or a subtle silver candelabra or even a glass candelabra, each and every one of our candelabra and candle holders is a class apart in terms of sheer radiance and beauty. Because we realize that a discerning customer like you deserves nothing more than the very best. 

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