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Luxury Book Boxes

Designer Big Book Box For Your Dens

Being surrounded by books is a completely transforming experience. Rows of beautifully bound volumes can add layers to the interiors of any space. And if you can think of an interesting placement of a beautiful luxury book box set in your reading room, it’s bound to make for a fascinating display. 

While most people use the den only for reading or writing, others make it into a museum to show off their collection of odds and ends and memorabilia. Your activities in the room may vary to match your personalities, but you’ll find that a decorative book box comes in handy in almost every setting. 

How about using an elegant vintage box to keep memorabilia of all the places you’ve visited? Luggage tags, boarding cards, tickets to unforgettable shows, stubs from museums you’ve visited - all these can be kept in a book box as a treasure trove of all the adventures you’ve had. 

Our faux book boxes also make for gorgeous decor pieces suitable for high-end homes by virtue of their looks. A big book box in shades of brown and orange, beautifully embossed in gold, can take on the look of old leather-bound tomes with ease, giving a premium touch to any room that it is placed. It’s the perfect way to nail the literary as well as the posh vibe that you were looking to achieve for spaces like your study room or home office. 

Decorative Storage Boxes for Premium Interiors

A book box is a great object to discreetly put away knick-knacks that get easily strewn around and gather dust, making a place very untidy. A big book box is basically a box made of premium quality medium-density board, which is fairly lightweight and very durable. So even if your vintage box ends up getting filled to the brim over time, you will still be able to move it around. 

At Address Home, our faux book boxes are covered with resplendent embellishment which gives them an antique and valuable aura. The material used for the cover has a beautiful texture that brings to mind a delicious blend of fibers woven together with leather. The top cover, back cover, and spine, which is the side where you would normally have the pages of a real book bound to the book, all bear gold foiling stamping into the fabric for the book box. India has shown great love for the insignia that is used for the golden foiling. We have decorative storage boxes in many colours. However, we have stuck to earthy tones for every variation of red, orange, and yellow, along with the occasional metallic tone. The result is a stunning Décor Objects that resembles a hard bond leather-covered book from the libraries of the Oxford themselves. 

Exclusive Book Box for Elegant Literary Decoration

Vintage boxes that resemble books are very handy when you want storage but wish to have a change from the most obvious choices like boxes, drawers, baskets and the like. Our big book box sets have been styled to be able to effortlessly add layers of charm to any interior.  

This set of decorative storage boxes is sure to take you straight to the globe theater with the Victorian motifs and calligraphic writing style used for the design. You will actually feel you are reading a book that belonged to someone from ancient times. 

No Space at Home is Complete Without a Premium Vintage Box

The beauty of book boxes, very much like books which they are designed to stand, is that they are welcome in any type of interior setting and in any room or corner of the house as well. Not only do they add oodles of character to any space you decide to place them in, they also make beautiful utilitarian objects. 

A luxury book box set is a must to have for any well-designed home interior and they make our hosting so classy, you might find yourself making your home planned around the decorative book boxes you own. We have many beautiful color combinations you can choose from, and when you see our collection online you’ll find it hard to stop at just one. 

Orange faux book boxes come in a choice of gold or copper foiling. Another style comes in silver with copper printing and another in a completely antique finish. You can choose from a variety of motifs like birds, Victorian designs, or even some beautiful patterns borrowed from heritage Aubusson carpets. These brilliant big book box sets also come in various sizes like small, medium, and large. Just make your selection, and place your order, we’ll do the rest for you.

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