How to Bring in the Maximalist Touch to Your Home Interiors

Spring is around the corner and the Maximalist style is just the perfect touch your home interiors can use to welcome this delightful season. This style is all about subtle opulence and, when applied right, it evokes a feeling of abundance.

Typically speaking, a bouquet of fresh colours and bold design elements are the essence of Maximalism. However, it can go off the deep end if overdone. So how does one strike a balance? Read on to see our easy-to-adopt guide and you will be a pro in no time at all.

Go Cuckoo with Colours

The principal pillar of maximalism is open-handed use of bold colours. Remember, there’s nothing muted about how colours feature in this style, so wake up that artist within you and enjoy. Paint entire walls in bright colours or pick up a snazzy wallpaper with cheerful prints. Now offset this happy canvas by placing in front of it a vintage armoire in contrasting accents and patterns.

You could also place a large colourfully upholstered sofa next to an armchair in a bright primary colour complimenting, yet contrasting, the patterns of the sofa. Even better if you can get a classic Chesterfield type of sofa set. Allow your sofa and curtains to have matching patterns and let those patterns be large and dynamic.

Indians are naturals at using colours in all aspects of life as our culture has evolved around bright beautiful colours. We simply need to bring this inborn understanding of colours and apply it with elegance. Go maximalist chic with gracious elegance! And, as you do go around choosing maximalist elements for your interiors, remember to clear away clutter from around them. Because the aim is to look opulent, not crass.

Eclectic Mix-up of Décor Styles

The year of 2019 is simply fun. Maximalism has got a hearty boost with interiors styles like Memphis, boho, vintage, and mixed metallic décor becoming front runners. All these styles support the same emotion of cheer and opulence. So what could be better than doing up various parts of your homes in all these styles?

Is that even possible? Yes, it is.

Maximalism asks, nay begs, for you to blend various styles creating an interior space that is an eclectic mix of all the best features of these different styles. Go boho chic with getting out your best vintage furniture and doing it up in bright colours or squiggle prints a-la-Memphis. Do remember to keep one noticeable element (like a pattern or texture) as a common thread running throughout. This will keep the space from looking like a home decoration spree gone crazy.

Let’s say you choose Living Coral as your central colour. Make sure this is the prominent colour feature in all styles. Or if you’ve chosen to go for a floral theme as the principal element, allow the appearance of flora across your other selections like the wallpaper, carpet, wall art, and soft furnishings.

Maximise Comfort for a Welcoming Home

The past few years have seen an overuse of lean furniture in the aid of minimalism. Thankfully that style of boring living is behind us. With all the sadness that the world has collectively witnessed, people are looking to uplift their moods through luxurious living styles. Thus we are seeing a hearty comeback of deep sofas with heavy ottomans, high backed armchairs, and plush beds with tall statement headboards.

Chesterfields with their buttoned upholstery are very suited to this style as are chaise loungers. Four poster beds are the epitome of luxury sleeping, so you might want to get yours converted now. Also, go ahead and splurge on many, many cushions and euros to enjoy that soothing feeling of sinking into soft cushions after a hard day’s work. Because the Maximalist style of interiors is all about comfort.

Bibliophiles, It’s Your Time of Glory

The Maximalist style of interior décor is partial to books, borrowing from the practice of the bygone era where study rooms or dens were a vital part of affluent upper-class homes.  Deep red and brown shades of wood holding rows upon rows of beautiful books were common and occasionally, you would also see tall floor to ceiling books racks lined with tomes of all varieties.

If you’re an ardent book lover, you simply need to reorganise your books in such a way that they are visually appealing. Hardbound books with vintage leather-bound spines and gilt seals and letterings make for an excellent moody aura. Stack up beautiful coffee table books on sideboards and centre tables. A small vignette of books standing gracefully between unique book ends on your mantlepiece can be complemented by more books on a large ottoman and even an artwork or two. At least a single wall laden with books or even a wallpaper that emulates the look goes a long way towards creating a Maximalist intellectual charm.

The Museum Wall

Last, but not least, an art-covered wall is a quintessential part of the Maximalist style of interiors. You must have at least one prominent wall in your living space which is covered, from end to end and top to bottom, with artwork in a variety of styles. Include personal family photographs, paintings, charcoal sketches, your favourite movie posters, tickets and other memorabilia or even a family heirloom. This is like a museum of all your favourite memories.

With so much going on, will your wall end up looking tacky? It’s possible that you might end up with a jumbled looking mash-up, but to avoid that keep the distance between each frame absolutely uniform. Also, mix up the frame styles, materials, colours, to prevent monotony from kicking in. This will take some planning and can get tedious, but the result will be absolutely breathtaking.

You have no reason not to take on Maximalism with glee and give your home a refreshing splash of colour and cheer. Let your creative juices flow as you go and dig around in your attic for long lost treasures, for now, it’ their time to shine!