Luxury Vases and Planters

Decorative Planters to Enhance Home Interiors

Plants and greens are the go-to solutions when you wish to add a lively element to your décor. But some people are skeptical of bringing them indoors for fear of messing up their floors and carpets. Besides, those regular planters would hardly do justice to your superior sense of style, right? But don’t let these minor details concern you anymore because now you’ve found us. 

Address Home has a comprehensive range of planters online for you to choose from. Our modern planters are designed to be placed inside your homes, but they can just as easily be used as outdoor planters in your garden or patio. Regardless, they tend to look absolutely stunning and picture-perfect, adding significantly to your home’s style quotient.

If you’re browsing for something glitzy, check out our metal planters. These decorative planters add class to your verdant shrubs with just a touch of gleaming metal. Our Circlet Gold stainless steel planter is a perfect example of just such subtle elegance with its lustrous golden cylindrical body topped by a matching ring that winks at you through the foliage like a golden rainbow. 

Bring in a Botanical Look with Modern Planters

A botanical-styled home stands apart instantly due to its sheer vibrance. Can anything beat the beauty of a perfectly manicured house plant standing pretty in a unique decorative planter? We think not. And with our range of metal planters to choose from, you will no longer need to stifle your love for indoor greens.

We have beautifully designed pots and containers of varying sizes and heights for your decorating pleasure. Our large outdoor planters stand tall, most of them above two and a half feet. But when filled with a potted plant, they are easily at eye level. Lovers of earthy materials and textures will instantly fall for our grey and silver ceramic marble planter. This is a modern planter made of grey stone with white marble-like veins running across the simple bowl and column which stands on a contrasting silver base. 

When browsing through planters online, if you are looking for five-star glam, you will no doubt go for our golden or black and silver metal planters

Decorative Flower Vases for Living Room or Bedroom

Flowers are just as integral to creating decadent home interiors as plants. And, when you arrive home with a bunch of fragrant flowers in your arms, you’ll certainly reach for a beautiful ceramic flower vase for living room. But special things deserve special attention and while all flowers are captivating, certain exotic blooms like orchids and birds of paradise can be fully appreciated only when placed in decorative flower vases

Choose from our collection of luxury vases for the table tops or go in for the super tall glass vases which are meant to be placed on the floor. A good example of this type of flower vase for living room is our grey and gold porcelain vase. A cracked ceramic pattern on the body lends a vintage look to this flower vase online that has five petal-shaped grooves filled out with lustrous gold. For a floor-standing piece, check out the black and white floor vase. This luxury vase has a resin body with mesmerizing grey and black brush strokes, and its minimalist beauty will beautifully complement almost any modern home.

Wide Range of Premium Outdoor Planters for your Home

Tall glass vases and shapely ceramic ones come in many shapes and sizes, but we pick only the finest designs for our catalogs, earning a  nod of approval from the most discerning homeowner among you. Whether you’re looking for classic designs or decorative flower vases and modern planters, we’ve got them all under one roof. No more traipsing from one store to the other. We’ve got the finest designs and placed them at your fingertips. Literally!

So, pick your favorite greens, gather the most luscious blooms, and spread them around your house to cheer up your living space. From mantle pieces to coffee tables to even the floor, you can find contemporary vases that will fit perfectly into every nook and corner. And if you want to keep things very minimal, use our luxury vases as Decor items. So stunning are the designs, so perfect in their detailing and so intricate in their craftsmanship, that just by themselves they’re able to elevate the look and feel of your space. That’s our guarantee. And, at Address Home, we always live up to our promises.

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