Love is in the Air, And We’ve Got Lovely Gifts for Him & Her

Love is in the air, darlings! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, every place is bursting with a profusion of red hearts and roses, or chubby cupids and cuddly, huggable toys to represent the fuzzy feelings this day seems to bring forth. And why not? You lovebirds hardly need a reason to celebrate your togetherness.

But can any celebration be complete without the perfect gifts? Absolutely not! And if the traditional gifts have stopped doing much for you, you need to CTRL F5 your gifting game and consider other alternatives. Take a look at some unique ideas you can use to give your Valentine a delightful surprise.

Thoughtful Gifts for your Lovely Memories

Love means memories of wonderful and touching experiences shared by both of you. Lover, spouse, sibling, parent, or even a best friend – there are always beautiful moments you can immortalize in unique ways.

Make a list of all the important dates and days during your time together and have them printed on organic linen or jute or even framed in raw wood. For more opulence, you can go super glam with gilt lettering printed on a monogrammed sheet and showcased in our Agate White Photo Frame. The glass frame topped with a gold-edged genuine agate rock is sure to draw out a happy tear or two!

Important Dates Make for a Delightful Theme

All of us are suitably excited about the day we were born. You can, thus, never go wrong with a unique rendition of your loved one’s birthdate or sun sign. Have the constellations engraved into brass or silver. Even ceramic works really well for this. A small piece can be made into a pendant necklace and a larger one can easily become a unique décor item.

If you’re the kind of person who remembers the exact date you and that special someone first met, you must get the map of the sky on that night with the position of the stars. Print or paint this on a large black canvas with an appropriate or romantic quote, and frame it in gilded wood. Your Valentine will have a gift they will never ever forget.

Flowers Will Never Go Out of Style

We have to admit that every occasion goes onto a higher plane the moment you add exotic flowers to them. And though nothing comes close to the beauty of real flowers, they have a just-around-the-corner expiry date. Wouldn’t it be lovely if these beauties could last longer? How about forever?

As a solution, we invite to view your range of faux flowers. These exotic blooms exactly mimic the originals. The Red Phalaenopsis Orchid Artificial Flower is an exotic moth orchid, the glossy stem of which features unopened bulbs and artfully colored ruby red petals. You can also select from a range or faux Hydrangeas and Poppies, the shades of red and pink on these flowers are simply and irresistibly romantic.

Bespoke Love Symbols for Him

Men are known to have a hard time expressing their emotions but that doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate a unique gift for themselves. As long as you’re able to keep to the rugged manly theme, you will be easily able to score.

Music lovers, take a look at the wide variety of turntables available today with plenty of vinyl records to choose from. If your man grew up on a staple diet of arcade video games, you simply must consider the vintage gaming system from Nintendo. This console comes preloaded with Mario and Donkey Kong. Can it get any more romantic than you asking to play these classics with him? Get ready to be adored in a whole new light, girl!

If you and your guy love your malts, why not add a splendid whiskey decanter to your collection? Our Bijou Glass Decanter is stunning in its diamond-like form as it leans on one of its facets flirtingly beckoning you to pour yourself a glass of amber liquid. How is that not romantic?

At the end of the day, let’s not forget that romance should not be restricted for one day. It should be the central theme of your living style as well. Gift your Valentine Fragrant Candles and stunning Candle Holders to usher in wonderful evenings filled with soft, warm lighting, aromas that evoke calm and relaxation, soothing sounds like water trickling or chimes tinkling and soft music playing in the background. How they all come together to make for a beautiful backdrop for love and romance. Sigh!