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Naqashi Tea Set for 6

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Aurum Tea Set of 6

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Tea Set

Designer Tea Sets for Social Prominence

Long-drawn chat sessions with a clique of close friends can be given a complete makeover with an elegant tea set and matching serveware. And now, you don’t even have to travel to a mall to get a hold of the perfect high tea set. Just get on the web, check into our website, and review our superb collections of English tea sets online

Every single luxury tea cup set of 6 is made of the finest materials and handpicked by our in-house team, especially for you. The designs are inspired by nature which makes our fine chinaware look absolutely stunning. You will be mesmerized by the fine gold and silver plating on the rims of our range of bone china tea cup sets. A premium look runs across all our serve ware which is how you will be able to seamlessly mix and match your tea set collections with almost every item of serve ware we have to offer. Get ready to glam up because your tea party is going to be the talk of the town.

 A Complete English Tea Set for an Authentic High Tea Experience

Tea drinking first began as a social ritual in fifteenth-century China. Back then, a tea cup set of 6  looked very different from what we are used to in modern times. They were small bowls really, without any ears to hold on to. They could just about hold two to three sips of the hot brew. The host would keep a watchful eye on her guest and refill the cups the moment they were empty. Most of the other components of a luxury tea cup set are like the original Chinese version, including the teapot in which the tea leaves are infused. The process of infusion may have been carried out in the kitchen and the brewed and stained liquid is then brought out in the teapot and served to the guests. 

If you have the panache to pull off the slightly longer, though the elegant, style of tea offering, you must do it the way the folks from Her Majesty’s land taught us. The traditional English high tea goes like this: Hot water is held in the teapot, and tea leaves are contained in a tea caddy. The leaves are transported to the teapot with an appropriate piece of flat teaware like a mote spoon or teaspoon. A proper British tea set will most certainly have a milk jug or a creamer as it is also called and of course a squat little sugar bowl. Follow all the right steps in handling these tea things with ease and feel this simple ceremony elevate itself to something you will look forward to. 

Finest Tea Sets online in Splendid Designs

A serene and relaxing evening after a day of high-frequency rushing about is something one always loves to go back home to. Lounging in your favorite armchair with a hot cup of steaming tea can become the highlight of this unwinding process. This sense of well-being can be further enhanced with a super elegant tea set. It will never fail to give rise to a smile on the faces of all those lucky to be served their tea in these classic beauties that are the finest porcelain tea cups from the most desirable of designer tea sets

These English tea sets are especially unique because the designs they carry are inspired by art and architectural influences around the world. So while these tea set collections are quite contemporary, they exude a lingering feeling of nostalgia and wandering. Our exquisite designer tea sets are inspired by the Victorian Baroque style of design and borrow the curving foliage with buds and blooms that are intrinsic to the Baroque style. With high-quality lustre coating and ornamented using 24-carat gold plating, this is one luxury tea cup set online that you will find yourself always reaching for because it’s going to become a personal favorite for you.

Shopping for a Tea Cup Set Online is a Breeze

Whether you are looking to add to your marvelous crockery cabinet or you are a recent convert to the etiquette of serving tea in a proper and complete bone china tea cup set, acquiring an elegant and contemporary tea set has never been easier. Why go through the hassle of long arduous traffic snarls and parking spot tussles when all you have to do is browse through our wide range of splendorous English tea sets online. Select the ones that are closest to your mood and setting for this party and voila! You are ready to hold a luxurious high tea ceremony that will simply go on and on. Sip away, dear ladies, because there are few pleasures that compare to the joy of a perfectly brewed cup of tea served in an immaculately beautiful designer tea set.

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