Unique Ideas to Put a Spin on the Usual Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

poses scripted right down to the tilt of the face and the hands around the waist.

Hey, if you like the usual stuff, good for you! But we always believe in exploring alternate ideas that spice up routines a little bit. And, like us, if you’re on board with pursuing ‘something different’, check out these unique ideas for pre-wedding photoshoots. Because if memories last a lifetime, why would you want to settle for the mundane, right?

Love at First Sight

You came together as a couple because something clicked between you two. It could have been a common interest you shared or an event you attended. Maybe it was love at first sight – two strangers stealing glances at each other across the room in a cafe? So why not relive the day you met for the first time? Or do a photoshoot around an activity that’s close to your hearts; something that helped forge a strong bond between both of you.

With a little bit of imagination, almost any setting can be recreated for the photoshoot and you can ask the photographer to capture candid images of you two. Sure, themes like this usually end up looking quite casual, but does that really matter when you end up having so much fun?

Dreamboat Couple

For those of you who love that bit of drama, photos taken during a boat ride are just perfect. There are plenty of ways to pull this off. Early mornings, late evenings, even late nights against the moonlight … the settings, angles, the lights, and the shadows your photographer can play with are all ingredients to create stunning imagery.

Water plays a huge role in this shoot. It animates an image while lending a sense of tranquillity to the setting. There’s also a tinge of adventure in shooting on a little boat. The couple clinging to each other as the vessel rocks are sure to make for some authentic ‘I-trust-you’ looks. And if your photographer can pull off a bird’s eye shot using a drone camera, there’s no way you won’t end up framing that gorgeous image!

Conceptual Abstract

Are you known to be the quirky couple that has always done things differently? In that case, forget about the romantic puppy-eyed photos and go for abstract recreations of everyday things. The aim is to create an ‘Alice-in-wonderland-like-world’ where everything is so much larger while miniature versions of you are traversing the landscape hand-in-hand, doing things both of you love.

So, if you enjoy reading, you and your partner can be shown sitting on the edge of a book or holding a large pencil and marking something on a page. Or you can be seen leaning on your engagement rings with a comical ‘We-are-hitched-and-there’s-no-going-back’ look on your faces. These photos will be goofy, quirky, and oh-so-adorable!

Moonlight for Romance

Day-time shoots are a given, but why not plan a few pre-wedding shots in the moonlight? Can it get any more romantic than a couple pirouetting under the moon? Besides, few things create the air of drama and mystery like nighttime photography, and things end up looking more beautiful in those dark muted surroundings.

Plan the shoot on a night when the moon is sure to be big and round. That’s when you can actually use the glow of the moon to your advantage. A night shoot also brings on a sense of intimacy that’s generally missing during daytime photography. Under the stars, you’ll find yourself whispering sweet nothings to your better half and all that love will be captured on camera and framed forever.

Pre-wedding shoots are an opportunity for the couple to break away from traditional photography and explore their fun side. We’d recommend that you give this matter some thought and pick a theme that calls to your hearts. With some imagination and a good photographer by your side, you can have a truly amazing photoshoot – one that will bring a smile to your face day after day, year after year.


Picture Credits: Southern California Bride, Aryana Howard, Wedding afters, Jason Soon, Maria Conceica