Address Home & Diwali Get-Togethers: A Match Made in Heaven

Diwali is just around the corner. One minute you’re dreaming of all the things you’ll do and the next minute you’re already too late to do them all. 

Well, not this time!

We’re going to get a jump start on the festive season and make sure that everything’s ready and perfect when you’re ready to wine and dine with your friends and family. And with our stunning range of tableware for almost every look, mood, and feel, we can’t think of any occasion that won’t benefit from a shopping spree on our website.

A Touch of Glass for a Dose of Class 

Glass and crystals have always held a special place when it comes to special dining occasions. They are perfect for high-class settings, especially when paired with silver or gold servewareAs the evening begins, bring in scrumptious aperitifs in textured glass platters.

Chimère Square Textured Glass Serving Platter

Noir Square Platter with a turquoise colored accent capturing the beauty of ethnic design in a geometric form is particularly fetching, And when you pair it with

   Noir Square Turquiose Accent Platter

our Jin Yu serving bowl, your guests will have a hard time not swooning over the combination. Resembling a splash of water frozen in time, every ripple on this gorgeous bowl.

Jin Yu Textured Crystal Glass Serving Bowl

is a melody in clear glass. Nothing like this stunning combination to draw out appreciation from friends and foes alike. Keeping with the theme of glass, a lovely cake plate that stands off the table is an essential part of your casual table setting.

Tread Clear Glass Cake Plate

 Balanced on what looks like diamond-like pebbles gathered from a stream, this cake plate is a collector’s and a foodie’s delight. Delicate cakes and pastries seem to float off the surface, all of them looking so inviting, you’d want to eat them all up, cakes, plates and all!

The Language of Blooms to Jazz up the Room 

Nothing like flowers to add to the festive mood. But why stick to just flowers in vases? Let us add their spirit to our parties in the form of dinner sets and tableware, shall we? The quintessential lotus is beautifully represented in our Tranquil Dinner Set.

Tranquil White Pink & Platinum Porcelain Dinner Set

Lovely pinks and peaches in the bloom itself stand out against a backdrop of silver leaf veins on a pristine white background and instantly transform your table setting into a garden around a lotus pond. 

But wait, if you want to jazz up the party a bit, we present bowls and other items of serve-ware that features lustrous gold apple blossoms set on hammered nickel plated bases.

Apple Blossom Stainless Steel Nut Bowl

There are nut bowls, serving trays, candle holders, ice buckets and ice scoops in this range. Go all out to create a royal apple orchard theme for your casual party and let nothing come in the way of sophistication while your guests let their hair down. 

A Touch of Quirk 

Casual tends to translate into a ‘just-let-things-happen’ kinda affair. But why not try something different? Something offbeat? Because the last thing you want is for your party to become predictable, right?


Punk Cocktail Glass Set

Consider the Punk Cocktail Glass set –  a finely crafted German glass set with a stunningly sharp conical bowl and textured base to hold. This is a bar set made to turn heads. How about throwing in an eye-catching pop of color with an unusual pattern to jolt the senses a little? Yes, our Teal Starburst Serving Tray does just that.

Starburst Teal Wood & Glass Serving Tray

The teal blue lends a royal feel to the occasion while the punchy pattern in black looks like icicles bursting forth. A must-have for casual and formal get-togethers.

Speaking of get-togethers, no Diwali party is complete without a friendly game of cards. To set the mood, pick up our Arcana square and rectangular platters.

Arcana Black & Gold Fine China Square Platter

Featuring playing cards with a unique intricate roman pattern, these platters come in two color variants – gold on black and gold on white. While the design brings on the quirk, the fine bone china of the platters elevates the level of class of your dining occasion.

Say it with Gold

The golden embroidery on your clothes, the golden glint of your jewelry, and the golden glow of your diyas …  almost everything around you comes to life with the touch of Midas. So why not your tableware?

Bring in everyone’s favorite water creature, the tortoise, in the form of Tortuga Gold Decor Platter.

Tortuga Gold Large Resin Décor & Serving Platter

This classy serving platter is second to none and the gold is just the right glint to accentuate the mood as your guests lay eyes on this adorable creature. Off-set the profusion of Tortuga’s gild with the über-classy Marquina Black and Gold Tray and Coasters.

Marquina Black & Gold Glass & Fibre Serving Tray

Resembling exquisite black agate with beige vines, these pieces of art have high luster gold trims along the edges. 

In glassware, the High Ball Gold Streak Glass is simply beautiful to behold with its gold-rimmed lip and the center embellished with gold-filled dimples that look like shards of sunlight fell from the sky. Fill it with an alcoholic drink of your choice or a mocktail of your own creation. Either way, it will look perfectly divine.

High Ball Gold Streak Glass

And when all these pieces come together, you’ll have a table so resplendent, even the Gods themselves will want to come down and dine with you.

So, how many of our beautiful serve-ware are you planning to bring home? We know it’s a hard choice to make, but look at it this way – pick them up all and you’ll never be under-stocked for any occasion! Now, start preparing for Diwali and let the celebrations begin!